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The Sisters of Matriarch

Clare reflects on the meaning of sisterhood, as explored by our community members in our Big Sister Editorial

Sisters. It’s appreciating them in their full condition, in whatever conditions they’re existing in. Listening, leaning in and growing. We often solely think of a sisterly figure as a female relation but they are so much more than that. Sisters are a community, a guiding light, a shoulder to lean on. When you support, embrace and show respect to other women, the power you find is rare. Beautifully rare.

My sisters have taught me how to hold myself and communicate, how to interact with others, how to use my voice. And as a woman, they've never shielded away from making sure I'm aware of the reality of what that means. As much as I’m aware of the responsibility I have to my sister, to influence her for the better and not for the worse, it’s not something I have ever begrudged or considered a burden, but rather it’s one of my favourite parts of myself.

A sister relationship is unique. I see my friends interacting with their own sisters and it’s like I’m back with my own. Everyone has their own inside jokes and specific sense of humour, yet the unconditional love is identical to my own. Even though we have our differences, we are still so close, and I am in awe of my sisters all the time.

Truly, I find being a woman, surrounded by women a privilege.

We need to surround ourselves with people that up lift us; make us laugh; encourage our passions; accept us as we are and allow us to grow. Show your sisters gratitude, communicate your appreciation and allow them to basque in your admiration. Ask their opinion, ask them why and why again. Listen to them openly, be excited for what you might learn and fight for their equal existence. Think about what you learn from them and how they better you. Communicate why you appreciate them and notice what they provide for you.

Sisterhood to me is a blessing and a curse and I think you're being naïve to think it's not.

Every friendship you have, no matter how long, teaches you something about people, about yourself, and about life. Sometimes growth can strengthen relationships, giving you new opportunities to support your sisters in their own journeys, and to help them achieve their goals. Yes, there is a time where you begin to independently learn and grow, but even then, the ability to be independent and go after that comes back to the sisterhood who made me. I truly believe that sisterhood always saves us.

To the women and sisters who make me me - I owe you everything.

Read the Big Sister Editorial in full here:


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