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Our team.

meet the team behind the biz.

We onboarded our first five volunteers in 2021 from across the UK and now we're double that and growing. Matriarch is proud to be volunteer led with all our team members having either full time jobs or completing their education. 

We're always looking for more volunteers! Find our current vacancies here or be bold and pitch a role or any ideas to our Operations Director, Jana, here:

Evie Wynne_edited.jpg

Evie Wynne (she/her)

Mental Health Product Lead

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Creating products that draw on her lived and work experience, Evie keeps the Matriarch ethos 'be who you needed when you were younger' at the core of what she does every day. She joined the team in 2024.

Clare Lewis_edited.jpg

Clare Lewis (she/her)

Product & Communications Director

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Clare works in fashion e-commerce and at the weekend can usually be seen with an Aperol Spritz in hand. She's been with Matriarch since 2022 and in that time has transitioned from content to product lead.

Antonia Stassi_edited.jpg

Antonia Stassi (she/her)

Creative Co-Director (Head of Creative)

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A creative writing graduate with an eye for design and aesthetics. Antonia joined Matriarch in 2022, from creator to director, she has grown in confidence and skill.

Siena Stott_edited.jpg

Siena Stott (she/her)

Creative Co-Director (Head of Copy)

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A born creative, Siena is a conceptual copywriter and a ceramicist. Since 2022, she’s been supporting Matriarch on all things social.

Ria Kalsi (2)_edited.jpg

Shanice Ennis-Melhado (she/her)

Content Producer

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Thinking sports would be her root, creativity was her calling. As a content producer Shanice has been producing content from an early age. She joined Matriarch in 2022.

Saskia Pleece_edited.jpg

Saskia Pleece (she/her)

Creative Strategist

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Saskia is a PR, branding and marketing girly with a strategic mindset and creative flair. She’s been a content creator at Matriarch since 2022.

Alicia Jenkins_edited.jpg

Alicia Jenkins (she/her)

Partnerships Manager

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Alicia’s been with the Matriarch team since 2021. Formerly podcast lead and now Partnerships Manager, she’s excited for the next chapter of Matriarch.

Gail Lewis_edited.jpg

Gail Lewis

Project Manager

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Things going awry? This is the girlie to turn to. Gail “works in the void” marrying her creative eye with management skills to pull teams & high-quality projects together regardless of pressure. Working with Matriarch since 2024.

Tilly O'brien_edited.jpg

Tilly O'Brien (she/her)

Communications & Content Producer

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Having wanted to be a writer since she was a child, Tilly is an exceptional writer and loves conducting research. She's been writing for and supporting Matriarch since 2022.

Alycia McNamara_edited.jpg

Alycia McNamara (she/her)

Communications & Content Producer

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Alycia is an MA Journalism student at the University of Sheffield. She joined Matriarch in October 2022 and loves how many people are able relate to our content.

Ria Kalsi_edited.jpg

Ria Kalsi (she/her)

Founder & CEO

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Direct, fierce and compassionate, Ria runs this business with her whole heart and soul, inspired by every Matriarch in her life.

Jana Tobin (1).png

Jana Tobin (she/her)

Operations Director

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Heart full of love, brain full of logic. A Matriarch girly since 2021, Jana operates with flare and formality, getting shit sorted like no one else.

Rhea Patel_edited.jpg

Rhea Patel (she/her)


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A fan of all things creative, Rhea has been crafting narratives and scrapbooks from a young age. Having joined Matriarch in 2024, she takes on the new role of Copywriter!

Nathalia Almeida_edited.jpg

Nathalia Almeida

Social Media Manager

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 With a background in marketing, Nathalia drives brand growth through effective social media strategies, and excels in utilising trends to connect with people and inspire. Working with Matriarch since 2024.

‘The content for our cultural competency training was thoroughly researched and well supported by literature but she was able to keep it relatable to a student audience. Ria's inclusion of her personal experiences and anecdotes added depth to the discussions and I feel left a lasting impact on us. She created a safe and comfortable environment for us to challenge ourselves on matters of inclusivity and learn without fear of judgement.

We got to dive into plenty of hands-on activities, leaving us with personalised resources that we will continue to use as a society.’

Lauren Levers-Clardige, Equality Officer at Exeter Nightline

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