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Get Educated.

For schools.

Empowering the next generation.

School is the most formative era in our lives.

And given the current climate of the world, it’s never been more important to provide the students of today with an education that sets them for life. It's time to elevate those 'soft skills' people are often so quick to dismiss. 

Since working with schools since 2022 to facilitate a culture change, we’ve heard how difficult it can be to engage and inform young people in sessions. Particularly, since when don’t feel confident talking about certain topics ourselves – that’s where we come in.

We provide people with an opportunity to explore their concerns, build their confidence and practice skills. We leave people feeling empowered and understood - not talked down to to ‘do better’. Matriarch sessions build students up beyond education.

'It was particularly impactful
learning that
me being who I am is valid.'

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- Matriarch school BIPOC Mental Health Roundtable participant

Education isn't a one size fits all approach. Our sessions take different formats, styles and lengths to suit what you're looking for.

Our topic offering is broad but the Matriarch feel is always consistent:

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·         Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

·         Colonial context and decolonisation

·         Race and gender equality

·         Grief

·         Sexual behaviour and appropriate conduct

·         Psychological safety

·         Communication and language

·         Mental Health

·         Relationship building

Taboo topics are hard to broach.
How do you ​
encourage discussion and confidence all while keeping the session fun and engaging?

Our magic formula is:

 i think creatively this was an exciting ideas but its maybe a bit clashing/doesn't quite fit. I think it's something we grow to add once we've actually created more product. 


The perfect mix of knowledge and practical tools in interactive sessions.


For inspirational and motivational story sharing or igniting a necessary conversation.


A safe, confidential, and intimate space to discuss a specific topic, leaving with clarity or food for thought.


Bring together a large group of people across a school with the purpose of celebrating, informing, or raising awareness.

If you know what you want

If you need a chat first

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