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About us.

your new best friend.

Matriarch is the business disrupting the education industry.

We help up-skill people to access opportunities and create an empowered, inclusive, and compassion-driven society.


Our mission is to create equality by closing the accessibility gap with an education platform that facilitates game-changing sessions and content that provides an essential life education.

We're determined to create an inclusive, compassion driven world where individuals are empowered to access opportunities and live confidently. Matriarch is known for our ability to invite people into difficult, taboo conversations and support their confidence. We’re unashamed to cover topics that others are afraid to cover.

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Through designing and facilitating game-changing sessions, Matriarch Magic will change the world.

Read exactly how we intend to do that below.

Our content is research-driven and always
founded on lived experience.
Authenticity is essential for any conversation, particularly those about taboo subjects that need to be handled with sensitivity.

That's why people come to Matriarch.

Matriarch was founded in 2019 by Ria Kalsi after she had finished her first year studying English at Exeter University.

We began as a blog created by Ria before quickly flourishing into an Instagram platform, which created content on topics ranging from body image to self-love. Ria continued to create educational content for the platform, utilising her degree, knowledge, and lived experience to platform content around race, colonialism, and other societal concepts.

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Our story.

the why behind the work.

The team.

volunteer ran. female powered.

We onboarded our first five volunteers in 2021 from across the UK and now we're double that and growing. Matriarch is proud to be volunteer led with all our team members having either full time jobs or completing their education.  

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The brand's story is interwoven with Ria’s own life story, having founded it at a time when she herself was reckoning with her identity and British Asian heritage. Creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space, both online and in the real world, quickly became a dream. Through the brand, platform, business, and now the coalescing of Matriarch and Matriarch Ltd., Ria fulfils her motto, “be who you needed when you were younger’ every day”.

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Meet our founder

Ria Kalsi, the 23 year old brown woman shaking up education.

Sound good?
get some Matriarch Magic.

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