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For organisations.

Levelling up with essential life skills.

Did you leave school knowing everything you needed for adult life? We certainly didn't ...

We're disrupting the traditional journey of education because we know it doesn't end when we leave the school gates. If you're also sick of people dismissing 'soft skills' you're in the right place.

You’ll be known as an employer that cares and that provides essential training to your employees. Our workshops are relevant for all sectors, ages, people and we're here to help you upgrade your workplace. If you want to be known as the employer that cares, book onto a Matriarch session. 

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Across all sessions, nearly 90% of participants reported wanting more Matriarch sessions.

We provide people with an opportunity to explore their concerns, build their confidence, practice skills, feel empowered and understood - not talked down to to ‘do better’. Matriarch sessions build people up beyond the education.

Our success is down to our ability to invite people into difficult, taboo conversations and support their confidence. We’re clear and unashamed to cover topics, willing to talk about what others are afraid to do.

Education isn't a one size fits all approach. Our sessions take different formats, styles and lengths to suit what you're looking for.

But at Matriarch, we always leave participants with knowledge, practical skills and confidence to continue developing once we leave.

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·         Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

·         Colonial context and decolonisation

·         Race and gender equality

·         Grief

·         Sexual behaviour and appropriate conduct

·         Psychological safety

·         Communication and language

·         Mental Health

·         Relationship building

A Matriarch session is like no other.
We're not reinventing the wheel, we just understand how to connect with people.

Our magic formula is:


The perfect mix of knowledge and practical tools in interactive sessions.


For inspirational and motivational story sharing or igniting a necessary conversation.


A safe, confidential, and intimate space to discuss a specific topic, leaving with clarity or food for thought.


Bring together a large group of people across a school with the purpose of celebrating, informing, or raising awareness.

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