The Big Sister Editorial

Matriarch's first editorial - The Big Sister Editorial. I have found myself to be surrounded with older sisters my whole life - my own sisters and my friends. From painting to prose, this stunning editorial is a collaborative work from a range of big sisters. Upon reflection, a lot more goes into being a big sister than just being bossy...

Some posts have been anonymised to protect the author and trigger warnings have been added appropriately at the beginnings of posts. 

For Sita and Mara 

From the Editor...

At Matriarch, we are proud to platform a range of voices, perspectives and stories. One thing we have never done before though, is collaborative work. I am so incredibly proud of this body of work from poetry, to paintings to prose - you're covered. 

I want to say thank you to all the brilliant sisters who created work for this editorial, not only for lending your talent to Matriarch, but also for revealing a little bit of yourselves - that's where the best creation comes from. 

To every big sister out there, you're stronger than you know. 

Ria x