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The platform that cares about creating change through human connection.

Instagram is our most busy and active social platform. From IGTV workouts to anti-racism resources to self love content - the gram's got it all. Follow us: @mtrrch

A note from the editor:


Welcome to Matriarch! The platform that strives to create change, empower and build human connection.

At Matriarch, we endeavour to create a safe and positive place for anyone and everyone. Founded on the idea of humans helping other humans, respect and compassion are integral to our mission of our core principles above. 

Through talking and listening, Matriarch is a continuously growing multiplicity, platforming a range of voices and work. 

There is no limit to our scope at Matriarch.

Dream big and work hard, nothing is unattainable.

Lots of love team x

Ria Kalsi, Founder of Matriarch.

Talk to us, the door's always open.

Matriarch was founded on the idea of human connection. Have a story? Something you want to talk about? Write for Matriarch community.
We're here to platform it.
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