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St George's Ascot case study - dedicated partnerships create change

Our first client and longest partnership.

The Project:

St George's approached us wanting to provide content for students around privilege and unconscious bias. The aim was to grow a social awareness to instigate culture change amongst pupils. We delivered our first session as a business to St George's in February 2022, a Privilege and Unconscious Bias workshop for Year 13. It was fantastic, introduced concepts that challenged core beliefs and introduced new perspectives when it came to racial structures and the role we play in them. Developing this awareness and sense of self was especially important for this year group going on to leave school. Over our time partnering with St George's, we've now taken every year group through our Privilege and Unconscious Bias workshop. Other topics covered include Inclusive Language and Our Place with Race.

Since then, we've worked with St George's 6 times, delivering 7 workshops and talks from year 7-13 and a staff inset training session.

The Response:

We're incredibly proud of the response we've had across our time working with St George's.

"The session was truly excellent and well delivered and rather than making me feel intimidated and anxious about making mistakes" - Staff

"The best INSET we have had - it was creative, engaging and really made me think." - Staff

"I thought it was very inspirational and made me realise that the world should be more inclusive to all people." - Year 7-11 pupil

"I thought the workshop was important, because it's important we know how to tackle discrimination, and to identify the signs of privilege." - Year 7-11 pupil


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