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built to include.

Game changing education.

for schools, organisations & you.

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our mission is to create equality by closing the accessibility gap.

want to know how? find out below


provides a life education.

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Let’s keep it simple. We want to provide an accessible education for the public. We’re not reinventing the wheel, just making it equitable, fair and accessible.

Redefining the system one conversation at a time, we run workshops, talks & sessions designed to provide essential life skills and open conversations. 

The way we see it, you shouldn't have to know the right people to get your dream job, hear a horror story to learn about consent or watch your best friend lose a parent to learn about grief.

That's why people come to Matriarch - for the guidance they didn't know they needed.

life lessons they don't teach at school

because you never stop learning.

The blog.

human stories, essential learning.

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Female founded, led

Clue's in the name.

Matriarch was founded by Ria Kalsi (she/her) in 2019 during her first year of university. 

What started as a blog has bloomed into a powerhouse brand, disrupting the education industry. 

Read more about Ria and the rest of the team:

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and powered.

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