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What Does Sisterhood Mean to Matriarch?

Members of the Matriarch team reflect on what sisterhood means to them, and the impact that it has had on their lives

As a team of incredible, energetic and diverse women, Matriarch is truly bound by the essences of sisterhood. This blog post is in celebration of the sisters of Matriarch, those that inspire us every day and the sustenance our sisters have and continue to provide: we cherish you wholeheartedly.

The concept of sisterhood is difficult to reduce to words; it is just one of those “if you know, you know” feelings. It isn’t just about biological sisters but about female friendships too and women supporting other women. It’s finding common ground; an invisible bond of empathy and understanding. It makes you feel like you’re not alone and it makes you proud to be a woman. Sisterhood means women coming together to fight against the inequalities we experience every day because our unspoken and unbreakable bond empowers us to look out for, support and love one another. This fierce unity between women materialises not only in your close friends or your family but also strangers, you just stand by them and want nothing but the best for each other.

Something so beautiful about sisterhood is that it is also tangible. It’s texts from friends asking if you’ve made it home safely; it’s cups of tea being handed to you when you’re sad; it’s knowing that you have people who will support and empower you on good days and not so good ones; it’s friends who feel like family. Creating genuine close friendships with incredible women who honestly want nothing but the best for each other is so refreshing, uplifting and wholesome – it really gives that “oh how I love being a woman” a lot of weight. It makes you feel so much more comfortable in being yourself, taking up space, getting to enjoy “girly” things and not being ashamed of it.

Being anchored by sisterhood is something so special; finding sisters from outside your family that make you feel like you’re home. It is a support network of people who understand you even though their lives are completely different from yours. And when things get a little tough and you lose a little of your sparkle, sisterhood makes those hard times feel lighter.

Sisterhood is built not on judgement but passion, love and endless support of those around you. It helps through hardships, the breakdown of relationships, experience of sexual assault, and general decline in mental health. Friends and sisters carry you through thick and thin without question. The beauty of sisterhood is that it makes you a lot stronger and gives you a fierce passion to protect those in your proximity.

It is fundamental that we nurture our sister relationships and reciprocate the faith and love that they ignite in us. My admiration for the women that make up the Matriarch team is indescribable. Their knowledge, passion, kindness and determination show no limits and I count my blessings that I am able to be a part of such a flourishing sisterhood. And so, I see no better way to leave you with a touch of love from the Sisters of Matriarch:

“At this moment, the advice I would give to my ‘sisters’ would be to put as much faith in themselves as they have always had in me.” - Sarah

“Advice to my ‘sisters’ is, no matter how you feel about yourself, any mistakes you may have made or regrets you might have, you’re all incredibly talented and good-hearted and I’m so happy you’re in my life. To all ‘sisters’, keep pushing on and believing in your goals and hobbies, do what makes you happy and show up for yourself! Love yourself like we love you! Nurture your female friendships because there’s really nothing quite like it.” - Antonia

Advice I would give to my sisters is to protect your energy and always try to make time for yourself.” - Shanice

Always know you’re never alone and understood by the people who love you. Appreciate how different everyone is yet we all share things in common.” - Saskia

The advice I would give to my ‘sisters’ is to always look out for one another and not turn against one another, especially when men are involved. I’d also say not to feel guilty about things you haven’t done or apologise for everything which is something I’m a massive culprit of. Also put your happiness first and don’t feel like you always have to save others x” – Tilly

*A special shoutout to Sarah, Tilly, Saskia, Shanice and Antonia for their contributions to this blog and sharing what sisterhood truly means to them


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