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Liberties by Lottie Gale

Another incredible creative, Lottie Gale has created some beautiful work reflecting on her changing relationship with her brother. Lottie has a younger brother, Ned.

My brother recently turned 16 and now every other weekend I’m his go to taxi driver but also the purse he needs with anything involving an ID. This is the first thing that came to mind when I was considering my ‘big sister experience’. Looking back I realise the same bond of trust, reliance and pestering has always there, it’s just the questions that have changed!

Lottie Gale

I think Lottie is one of those annoying people who doesn't see how great she is. Now, after knowing her for 2 years, I've seen Lottie in a million different situations from staying up till 4am on drunken nights or staying up till 4am to help her finish and essay and I find myself feeling very lucky to call Lottie my friend.

Lottie has one of those rare qualities we seldom find in people of actually listening. Lottie is oblivious at the best of times but what I mean is, listening when no one else is and always listening rather than offering her opinion first and foremost. I've found myself in situations where Lottie is one of, if not the only person I can work through my problems with. And I think that is incredibly special and rare.

Lottie is an incredible artist and insanely talented student. Lottie is studying English Literature at the University of Exeter.


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