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Exeter Nightline case study - inclusive helpline language

Dedication to making the person on the other end of the phone feel safe, seen and heard.

The Problem:

Exeter Nightline work with around 90 volunteers who take calls through their open, free and confidential phone line. These calls can come from anyone with any background or situation and they were wanting to provide some training and tools for their volunteers on how to make their calls and responses as inclusive as possible. They were keen to improve their fantastic service with some cultural competency training to continue being the fantastic service they were.

The Solution:

We proposed a 60 minute Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Language workshop. The objectives of that session were:

  • Recognise, identify and combat unconscious bias

  • Grow awareness of inclusive language

  • Where our unconscious bias links to linguistics

The sessions was interactive and challenging, designed to develop skills and provide practical actions for participants to handle their calls with confidence in their inclusive approach.

The Outcome:

Nightline volunteers felt empowered and capable to manage conversations inclusively.


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