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Amazon case study - building foundations

Implementing the DEI basics for grads, interns and apprentices. 

The Problem:

Having recently created office roles in their Finance grads, apprentices and interns unit of Amazon UK, we were approached for some introductory DEI work by their Equality officer. The group were between the ages of 18-28, some fresh faces out of education so many of them had never experienced DEI work before within this setting. Amazon wanted something to set up a solid foundation for their employees with essential DEI principles to help their team be as inclusive as possible.

The Solution:

We delivered our essential DEI 101 talk. This interactive session covers the basics of DEI from definitions and principles to psychological safety and how we can action inclusivity to create a sense of belonging. 


Despite Amazon requesting a talk, we ensured it was interactive with activities for them to discuss and generate ideas after the session ended. We never want to leave a client and the work stops. 


The talk nailed the brief - essential, foundational and helped everyone get up to the same level in their understanding of DEI. We also helped to build confidence in young Amazon employees and set strong inclusive habits from the early doors of their career.


Disruptive, as always but with empathy and compassion. Nothing was assumed about what they did or didn’t know and was entirely encouraging of their learning.

The Outcome:

We left the session buzzing from a responsive, engaged group of people. And the feedback speaks for itself,

One of the things that made this session so much more impactful is that blame wasn't implicitly or explicitly placed on a person or group of people.’

What was particularly impactful or memorable?

‘The activities where we closed our eyes and thought. And the unconscious bias segment was done very well by talking about it in an honest manner.’

We were thrilled to install so much confidence in young employees at Amazon UK.


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