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May / June Business Wins

May and June have brought Matriarch blessings in the form of new team members and a focus on Mental Health.

Our team has now grown to 17 team members which is astounding. I’m thrilled to share our newest additions to the team,

Evie Wynne, Mental Health Product Lead - as well as bringing our MH product line to life, I’m proud to share Evie is also our internal wellbeing officer for the team (more below)

Rhea Patel, Copywriter - I was drawn in by Rhea’s fantastic piece on David Nicholls’ ‘One Day’ (read here) which made me feel seen, heard and represented - coincidentally, all the things we endeavour to do at Matriarch.

Gail Lewis, Project Manager - Gail has been the logistic relief we’ve been waiting for and her attitude to charge forward with projects from day dot has taken our team motivation to a new level entirely. People like Gail mean as a leader and manager, 

Nathalia Almeida, Social Media Manager - I was struck by Nathalia as a beam of sunshine and stellar experience and I know I speak for the whole team when I say I feel relieved at the prospect of her coming in to help run our socials and build our community.

Sarah Nazir, Community Relationships Manager - Sarah has an energy this business desperately needs and passion to build Matriarch in the right way, through beautiful, human relationships, finding like minded people and organisations Matriarch can collaborate with.

We’ve also had 2 new additions in the form of regular Matriarch Creators, Susanna Sealey and Daisy Pope who Matriarch is all the more richer for.

May really was a month focusing on Mental Health, particularly with the advent of Evie. I expanded upon my intent as a leader to ensure that Matriarch led with best practice when it came to taking care of the mental health of its team and Evie has allowed that to happen. As a mental health professional, Evie’s started to provide 1-1 time the team can book in to take advantage of that much needed third space to chat. We of course had Mental Health Awareness Week in May and if you haven’t caught our podcast episode on that and why we need to lend focus to mental illness, check that out here. It was an invaluable conversation, challenging the primary discourse as we love to do here. Finally, I’m excited to share that we’re finally embarking on building out our initial mental health and grief sessions. These are topics close to our hearts and purpose as a business and we’re endeavouring to create educational yet challenging sessions, as always. Find out more about this here.

May and June have continued to see a lot of behind the scenes growth for Matriarch but it also feels amazing to be back out, creating fantastic content for our socials and blog again including fantastic posts on love bombing, grief and graduating. What more could you want…

Love & light,

R x 


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