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Speaking your truth

On Wednesday my dad showed me a video of Tan Dhesi, the MP of Slough who, in simple terms, absolutely battered BoJo, calling him and his party out for their racist remarks and prejudice in parliament. They’re not meant to clap in parliament but give it a watch, it’s completely unsurprising…

Not only is it a brilliant video but it’s a brilliant example of someone speaking their truth. And not just their own truth but of so many others who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to say it, quite literally, in the face of adversity. I felt heard and I felt represented by that speech and I know so many others did. But what if you don’t have the opportunity to speak your truth?

Find, wait or create?

In all honestly I think everyone has the opportunity, some just wait for it to come to them and some go and find it. I for example, I didn’t feel I had that place and the platform to share my thoughts and speak my truth. That was back in July so I set up a blog and it has been the best decision I’ve made all year. Without a doubt. And so in as much as I write and I create for other people, it has selfish beginnings. I wanted a place to talk about my thoughts, my feelings so I created one. And at the beginning I felt so focused on how many views and how much attention it was getting and now I look at stats occasionally but it’s not my main concern. My concern is getting my thoughts out, to be read by whoever wants to read them, so I can say I’ve had my say and I’m at peace with it, for now at least.

But I can also see how opportunities in life are thrust upon you to speak your truth. Maybe you’re faced with a misogynist in a cafe or someone simply asks you if you’re okay. They’re opportunities to speak your truth and whether you do and want to is completely you’re choice. Because when it comes naturally, it’s authentically you and people can tell. Things that are forced are obvious and often miss the emotional backing. Watch the video and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

There’s two sides to this that clash inside me: one of them says ‘if you have the opportunity to speak your truth do it!! Why are you even thinking about it!!’ And the other half of me is saying ‘wait, take a breath until you’re ready.’ It’s maybe even harder to make this decision but when you know you know, whether you’re making a speech in the House of Commons or setting up a blog. Just don’t wait forever. You often hear of the negative effects of words and the ‘impact on others’ seems so negative but the positive, helpful side to that impact is not to be forgotten. You never know when your words could be the one thing that help or change something for someone and you can’t predict it so if you feel like it, do it.

Words have impact. And they have influence. It’s our choice how and when to use them. But one thing I know for sure is when it’s true and authentic, it’s sometimes the best thing another person can hear that day.


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