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For my first and only Valentine, Dad.
Heartbreak and all its languages by Rebecca Lyngwa
My Dad Nab by Mara Kalsi
21st Century Love
Anxious attachement, love ad heartbreak
Artwork by Jazmine Tudara
Artwork by Megan Jones
Second hand heartbreak by Romina Reina
Artwork by Jade Bedingfeld
Poetry by Megan Holbrook
The Holly Tree by Gabby Colvin
Heartbreak: A Definition by Erin Alexander
Melly by Kitty Bate
To my younger self
From the editor:
ria kalsi.jpg

Thank you so much for exploring the Heartbreak Editorial! All 16 of these creators have found power in telling their narratives.

And that's exactly what Matriarch is here to do.

The right love at the wrong time
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