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The Social Zodiac Complication

How does an astrologer comfort someone?

“If it’s any constellation…”

I know that was a terrible joke… because I made it up but I thought it would be a good way to ease up into today’s topic of astrology.

And yes if you don’t know, I’m a strong believer in astrology, in fact it’s a huge part of my faith and belief system. But I’m not here to preach – in fact, I think that’s where astrology becomes a picky topic for most because people preach about having particular personality traits because they were born on a certain day. And if these are the discussions and ideas you’ve had on astrology before, I’m hoping to explain why I believe in it and why I think it’s great, in a non pressurising, open way. Astrology does not equal horoscopes…

I’m not saying fate brought us together and we all happen to be the most compatible star signs with eachother but… I kinda am

(PSA before I start, I’m not an expert in astrology so if you’re interested or want to check something feel free and just have a google)

In my true Virgo nature, I’m going to start practically by explaining the basics of astrology and signs.

There are 3 main signs a person has: sun, moon and rising (which is also referred to as the ascendant sign). Generally, when people talk about their starsign they are or their horoscope they’re referring to their sun sign which depends on the day you were born. It represent your core self, much like the sun is at the core of the solar system.

Your moon sign is figured out by adding time into the mix. This is the sign that was occupied by the moon when you were born and it represents your more emotional side and the most intimate parts of your personality, the inner part of who you are.

Finally there’s your rising sign and this is about your outer self aka what you present to others and how you come across on a shallower day to day basis.

Even with those explanations you can see why using one sun sign isn’t accurate and doesn’t necessarily always “reveal your true self”. So before you go brushing it off at least read into it.

And I think I really enjoy it because it’s another unique stamp on us all. For me there’s something so novel in the fact everyone has a sign all the way to people having gemstones for those signs. I really like that, I don’t know why I just do.

It truly helps me to understand people.

But I love it more because it truly helps me to understand people. Astrology seems to be one of those never ending pits of knowledge and it’s a more you know the more it helps sort of thing. Whether I’m reading more about it or sending memes, it’s a constant knowledge building thing to the extent where understanding someone’s sun sign can help me understand how to adapt or interpret interactions with them. And as someone who is very conscious of other people and human interaction, if I can do anything to make others feel more comfortable or understood, why wouldn’t I?

This doesn’t mean though that I’m telling them I’m doing it because I never want to pressure or enforce these ideas on anyone, I certainly wouldn’t like it (but it doesn’t stop me from jokingly doing it with people who I know can take a joke). And I think that’s another reason astrology takes a negative path, people feel the ideas are forced. There’s no empirical evidence and it is essentially made up and honestly I completely get why people don’t believe in it. But it is just another way of thinking and another belief system. Much like religion, astrology and fate and destiny are ways to maintain faith and hope and for me this is a positive system. No ones marginalised or sectioned out, it feels like an even playing field and that matches me quite well.

Who knows, there’s every possibility that in 5 years I might not believe in it anymore, I’m open to more of a changing and adaptable view of the world on which my belief and faith is built but for now Astrology is where it’s at.

So yeah, I do think me and my best friends gel so well because of our starsigns and the same with my family, but there’s no reason for anyone else to believe in it, at least except it as a placebo.

If you feel you want to read into it more there’s loads of great sources online but it is something to go into with an open mind or alternatively you could ask me, I can’t promise any answers but I could help!


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