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Shreddy Home Workout Guide Review

Bit of backstory:

I started Shreddy in January of this year. I had been going to the gym since September following on from the start of my journey last June but found myself not having very interesting/productive workouts. I was losing a bit of energy and motivation and wasn’t sure how to fix it. I’d been thinking about getting Shreddy for a while and as there was a boxing day sale I went for it. And I’m so glad I did.

In January I was probably at my biggest. I was going through a heavy time at uni, I wasn’t very happy (at all) and as a comfort eater, I spiralled. The progress I had made since June previous had pretty much gone and I was feeling low about it. However, starting Shreddy at uni gave me the kick start I needed and before I knew it I was back on it. I was doing the gym fat loss guide, things were looking up!

Jan-Jun 2020

And then my mental state got harder to deal with, I wasn’t really committing and Covid-19 hit. Gym’s closed and it was like any chance/motivation/goal I had for my health was diminished. This was my lowest point.

I moved in with Sita in London as my parents and Grandma were shielding at home and I wanted to take no risks. The first few weeks were hard, adjusting to a totally new and different life – not just Covid-wise but in terms of uni and exams all going online, not seeing my family for nearly 4 months, working through all the stuff I had going on at uni, not having pretty much any of my belongings with me. I was all over the place, quite literally. It was really weird.

Then, a month into lockdown in London and I was putting myself back together. I changed my Shreddy guide to the Home Fat Loss guide and I was ready to go. And it was tough at first. After not having worked out in 5 weeks or so, I lost a lot of my stamina and ability, but instead of using that as a reason to keep me back, I used it as a reason to push forward and motivate myself – getting back to my ways of the summer before.

I have never worked out so consistently, ever. Today, I finished the Shreddy Home Work Out guide where I have worked out at least 5 times a week for 12 weeks. That is such a joy to say and I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my life. I’m really happy about this.

IGTV workouts

So how have a found the guide, practically?

In terms of user-face and accessibility, I have found Shreddy really easy to use. It’s not at all complicated – just choose your guide, whether you want to work our 3 or 5 times a week and you’re on your way. The progress percentage at the top is really motivating and seeing it get to 100% this morning was incredibly satisfying.

In my guide, I worked out 5 times a week and these included: 2x Fully Body HIIT, 1x Legs and Bum, 1x Arms and Abs and 1x Upper Body. For the first 2 weeks, I was doing one of these workouts a day and having 2 rest days. However, within that time, I found the HIIT workouts became more like warmups where by the end my pulse and sweat had just started. So I started using them as warmups before the other 3 workouts. However, I was still working out 5 times a week as from the Workout Library, I chose a Full Body or an extra Legs and Bum workout to do. In this sense, I found the app really flexible allowing me to move multiple workouts on one day and change up workouts. The only thing is I wish I could add in the extra workouts I did into my main feed.

The home workouts have a circuit format. Now, I used to really dislike circuits mainly because of the faff of timing yourself and changing from lying down moves to standing up. Turns out I was just lazy and when it’s all laid out in front of you with a preview of your moves, equipment and set timers, it’s hard to go wrong. And as it turns out, I happen to really like circuits now! (lol) But not just because they’ve been made easier but because I genuinely enjoy the variety and the periods of intensity/rest. I’ve found the circuit system to be more effective than the reps system I had for the Gym Fat Loss guide.

Shreddy also provides a great meal database and a meal plan so again, it’s all laid out for you but you can swap and change meals. Ease and flexibility again. Personally, I didn’t follow Shreddy meals as I did when I was back at uni simply because living with Sita, it was simpler for us to cook the same things and it was more cost effective whereas it was much easier when I was just cooking for myself. However, I still cooked some meals and will definitely be making more of them with the next guide.

I would also describe Shreddy as a great workout database. They have a content library with full workouts, real time workouts and an exercise library as a mentioned before. I really loved adding in a few real time workouts at the end of a session and having a live trainer there was motivating. I was impressed with the number and variety of options for workouts, there is something for everyone.

Finally there was the community aspect and I genuinely feel like this is what makes using Shreddy more effective and more motivating. There are multiple chat room type groups on the app where you can talk and share anything. However, I found this went outside the app and on Instagram, I found a lot of support, a lot of other lovely humans on a similar journey as me and seeing what they were getting up to was super motivating.

All in all – I have LOVED using Shreddy. Considering I pay £17.50 for 3 months (I have a discounted boxing day sale price) which comes to roughly 19p a day or 1.36 a week. 1.36 a week for what you get is absurd. I cannot recommend this enough and I cannot wait to start the Home Tone Up Guide!

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