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Role Model by Scarlett Mann

Scarlett Mann gets creative through poetry upon reflection. Scarlett has a younger sister, Alexa.

My shoes are too big for you!’

I’d say to her wobbling frame, propped up on black heels

she’d borrowed from my wardrobe.

‘But I want to be like you!’ she’d cry.

My old teachers know her, echoes of my name on their tongues

as they call the register, the occasional

slip making the class confused.

‘Guess what? They think I’m you!’ she’d cry.

Her laugh tickles the air with its playful sound

as hints of me fade, only flickering on days

where mountains need moving, banana bread needs baking.

‘There’s still whispers of me!’ I think.

Now her feet tread not in footprints or in shadow

but alongside. Walking on her own but

always next to me. And then it hits.

‘Hey, baby sis? I want to be like you.

Scarlett Mann

I met Scarlett in first year at uni after living with her and doing the same degree. She was incredibly friendly and warm, someone who really looked out for me.

Scarlett is a fiery spirit who's creatively talented, if you couldn't tell with the poem, something I'm really in awe of. A fierce friend and an incredible sister, it's a pleasure to call her my friend.

Scarlett is studying English Literature at the University of Exeter.

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