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Daffodils by Katrina Fyfe

Katrina Fyfe picked up her paintbrush for this editorial and created something beautiful. Katrina is the eldest of 3 sisters, Caitlin and Amelie.

Daffodils by Katrina Fyfe

Acrylic on paper


Daffodils are said to represent sisters and here there are 3, for Katrina, Caitlin and Amelie.

Katrina Fyfe

It's funny, I think if I had met Katrina at school we might not have been friends but in this lifetime, meeting at uni, we has become closer than you can imagine. Having Katrina as my best friend is one of the biggest blessings - the level of patience and love she has for me, despite the trials and tribulations we've been through, is quite honestly astonishing. But I think it's those very trials that have made our friendship so strong as, after you go through such intimate experiences with friends, there's a new level of bond you have with that person that can be unparalleled.

One of the most gorgeous spirits I have ever met, Katrina is an incredibly talented artist who takes commissions! Find her Instagram here.

Katrina is studying History and International Relations at the University of Exeter.

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