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Being Samira's Big Sister Means by Yasmin Prior

Yasmin Prior crosses the prose/poetry boundaries with intimate thoughts on being Samira's big sister. Yasmin has a younger sister, Samira.

Remembering when she was old enough to be put in the washing machine.

But now being constantly asked if we’re twins -

(even though she literally has braces)

Being the older prior at dance school.

But now struggling to copy her during tik tok dances -

(she always was better than me)

Growing up being the two stuck at the bottom of the ‘adults table’.

But then being old enough to go to Budapest together -

(and regretting it at 4am when i was falling asleep in the club but Sam was going strong)

Living in fear of the day she passes her driving test.

But knowing you’ve picked her up late enough times for you to have earned a few back -

(if I can bring myself to swallow my pride and ask!)

Remembering the days of her crying when she didn’t get the stations in Monopoly.

But finding yourself buying enough drinks to last her the whole of reading fest weekend -

(and getting an earful from mum)

Knowing she’s the only person who’s more of a pushover than me.

But also knowing she’s there for me if i ever need -

(even if i’m 6 hours away half the time)

Being Sams sister has meant I watched her get away with everything I couldn’t when I was 16.

And has meant I learned the hard was just cause i’m the oldest doesn’t mean I’m always right -

(but I am most of the time).

Yasmin Prior

I actually have no recollection of meeting Yaz or when we became friends. Considering we are (basically) adoptive sisters, this is odd. But despite our rubbish memories, the natural affinity we have with each other is undeniable.

Having Yaz is like having another sister and someone who motivates me and drives me to better myself - it feels like fate sometimes that I have her in my life.

The Scorpio/Virgo energy is unparalleled and the comfort of never having to explain to someone why you feel the way you feel but just how you feel is something some people try hard for, but I am lucky enough to have it so naturally with Yasmin.

Yaz is studying Liberal Arts at Durham University.

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