Jade Bedingfeld


The Hug:

On one hand, a hug can be the most powerful gift in the world, it can bring you that inner peace and that little bit of support that you need in that moment. On the other hand, a hug is sometimes what we miss most, when you can’t hug that one person, whether that’s because of the pandemic and you can’t hug your long distance partner or whether that’s because they are no longer here. Missing that hug and comfort can be so hard sometimes. Yet that is also a reminder as to how powerful it can be and so just hug loved ones, because it means as much to them as it does to you.

From the Tears Happiness May Grow:

This one is about growth, growing from heartbreak and finding that inner strength once again to see the beauty and nature in life around us. This take a more positive stance in the sense that things will get better and that there is still happiness to be found and it will slowly grow from the tears.


Jade Bedingfeld

Jade Bedingfeld, from Reading and a first year Criminology student at bath university. I enjoy doing art as a way to relax and sometimes convey how I’m feeling or to bring a smile to someone’s face.