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21st Century Love

This piece was made anonymous at the request of the author to protect their identities and the identities of those involved.


I remember the first time we:
made eye contact smiled spoke
and something felt so
inherently undeniably inexplicably


How do you tell a person
who only sees you as a friend
that you know you know that they are the one?
(It’s not like you can message them saying:
“hey idk about u but
I know in my heart that you’re the


I want to be with for the rest of my life.”)
No –
that’s not how these things work nowadays
it’s just an endless conundrum of messaging calling trying to figure out if they feel the same way and
you simply can’t get rid of the feeling that
love at this age might be


And no one ever confessed their undying love and I realised
I was tired.
Falling in love is all well and good but it’s the 21st Century and before we know it
we’ve run out of


- Anon.

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